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GBWhatsApp Pro Apk is a popular messaging app for Android. It has a lot of interesting features. GBWhatsapp Pro Download 2022 Now!!

 Bluetick   Save status  Customization Anti-ban

Version 17.76 (New Update)

If you are looking for a WhatsApp mod apk that offers more features than the official app, then GBWhatsApp Pro apk is worth checking out. In this article, we will provide you with a link to download the latest version (v17.36) of GBWhatsApp Pro apk (56MB) for Android.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp is an upgraded version of WhatsApp that allows users to enjoy more features and customization options. According to GBWhatsApp is very popular among Android users because it offers a wide range of features that are not available in the official WhatsApp app.

GB WhatsApp was developed by Omar Was, aka atnfas_hoak. The app went viral within a few weeks and amassed 100 million users in just one year. Omar kept the app updated with new and exciting features, providing frequent updates. On August 1st, 2019, after almost 5 years, Omar Tweeted that GB WhatsApp would be discontinued.

When the original GBWhatsApp was taken down, another developer announced GBWhatsApp Pro, which will continue the journey. It is nice to know that the app was ready to convert and the conversion features are unique.

It’s perfect for beginners who want to start communicating with friends and family in a simple and easy way. GB WhatsApp has many features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to communicate with loved ones abroad.

GBWhatsapp PRO APK

GBWhatsApp Pro Vs Original WhatsApp Comparison

There are many differences between the original WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro. The most notable difference is that GBWhatsApp Pro allows users to have more control over their privacy.

FeatureGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
DND Mode✅❌
Calls Disable Mode✅❌
File Size TransferUnlimited99MB
Share LimitUnlimited User5 Chats
Status Word250139
Auto Message✅❌
Bulk Message✅❌
Online Status✅❌
Stylish Font✅❌
Privacy Lock✅❌
Change Icon✅❌

Benefits of using GB WhatsApp Pro Include:

– Low cost of communication: GBWhatsApp Pro is free, making it a great way to connect with others without spending a fortune on phone bills or monthly contracts.

– Increased accessibility: With GBWhatApp Pro, you can make communication more accessible for everyone, whether you’re a first-time user or an experienced user who wants an easier way to communicate with friends and family.

– More fun: With Whatsapp, you can enjoy the experience of communicating through an app rather than trying to find someone online or in person.

For example, GBWhatsApp Pro allows users to hide their online status, last seen, and even their profile picture. GBWhatsApp Pro also has a built-in call blocker, which can be used to block unwanted calls. In addition, GBWhatsApp Pro comes with a number of other features that are not available in the original WhatsApp.

 Features of GBWhatsapp Pro

 Privacy Options

GBWhatsApp Pro is the ultimate privacy-focused messaging app – it has all the features you need to keep your messages completely private! With this app, you can hide your online status, hide blue ticks, and even hide double ticks – so your friends will never know you’re reading their messages!

 App Lock

The app lock is like a security blanket for your messages. It requires a Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint to enter the app and access your messages. So even if people have access to your phone, your messages will be hidden from them.

 Download Status

No longer will you have to beg your friends for Status videos. With GBWhatsapp, you can get them instantly and for free! Just download the app and enjoy the built-in Status downloader.

 Night Mode

If you’re tired of your Smartphone’s official Night Mode, why not try GBWhatsApp’s in-built Night Mode? Just click on the Moon-shaped icon and enable it!

 Auto Reply

If you’re looking to get your friend’s attention, you can use our auto-reply feature! It’s great for promoting your business by sending unlimited bulk messages to any chat or group.

 Chat Lock

If you’re looking for a little extra privacy, GBWhatsApp Pro is the app for you! With settings that aren’t available in the official app, you can hide your online status, blue ticks, double ticks, and typing status.

 More Features

React to Messages (New): With the New GBWhatsapp pro update, You no longer have to replay every message! Simply tap and hold on to any message and five emojis will appear (like a happy face, a red heart, a shocked face, and a sad face). It’s just like the Facebook Reaction system. See the video below for a demo.

2 Days Status: Now you can see someone’s Status for more than 24 hours after they post it. This feature is enabled by default in the app and is a great way to stay up to date on what your friends are up to.

Hide Stories: Users can choose someone they want to automatically upload stories too. Users can also watch the uploaded story and statuses from people who might be trying to hide from them. There is one special thing: the user won’t know that you’re watching them.

Backup Features: You can use GBWhatsApp to back up an unlimited amount of data without the risk of losing it. This includes private messages, pictures, and videos.

Chat without Saving Number: Without a gbwhatsapp Pro apk download, you can’t chat on WhatsApp without saving a number on phone. But, This app allows you to chat without having a saved contact on your phone by following the same steps as saving a contact.

File-Sharing: The original version of WhatsApp had limited file-sharing capabilities, but the pro version increased the limits. Now you can easily share files, related documents, and images.

Audio share up to 100MB: Send audio files up to 100 MB in size with GBWhatsApp Pro.

Video Share Up to 1GB: With GBWA, you can send HD videos to others via WhatsApp which are up to 1024 MB.

Image Share Up to 100:  In the latest update to WhatsApp Pro, you can now send up to 100 images or video files to unlimited contacts at a time.

Message Scheduler: Promises Matter guarantees that messages are sent promptly. You can schedule a custom message to send at any time, even if someone is unavailable.

Stylish Tick: You can select from over 30 different styles and symbols for your article’s single and double quote marks.

Save Status: An app that can download a status either in the form of video or images is needed no more. You can now use GBWA apk to directly download someone’s status, as well as take a screenshot of their post.

Change icon: With 100+ stylish WhatsApp icons, you can change your GBWhatsapp or improve the appearance of your boring default Whatsapp Launcher icon.

Change Notification icon: Not Only the App icon but also can change the Notification Icon. You can set it as a Telegram or Instagram icon for confusion.

ThemesNow GBWhatsApp Supports Theme features. Change the complete Design and Layout of the Default WhatsApp Screen with Themes.

 Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK

If you’re looking for a more feature-rich and customizable version of WhatsApp, then you should definitely check out download gbwhatsapp pro apk latest version. GBWhatsApp Pro apk is an enhanced version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app with a host of additional features and options.

App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
LanguageMulti-Language Support
Last Updated1 day ago

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 What’s New in v17.76


  • Added: Direct Translate icon inside Message Box
  • Added: Option to Disable Direct Translate
  • Added: Message Yourselves (Save Notes)
  • Added: Forward Media with Caption
  • Added: New Camera Tab UI
  • Added: Paste Voice Note as Status/Story
  • Added: Advanced Search
  • Added: new Custom Wallpaper UI
  • Re-Added Hide Recent Chats Option
  • Re-Added Hide Other Contacts Option
  • Re-Added Hide Frequently Contacted Option
  • Re-Added Option to increase forward limit to 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)


  • Fixed: Basic / Bubbles / IOS Style Camera Tab Glitch
  • Fixed: Crash When Forwarding Some Messages
  • Fixed: Some Entries Shape Issues
  • Fixed: Some More Translations
  • Fixed: Blue Tick on Reply crashes
  • Fixed: Swipe Row crash
  • Fixed: Reset Preferences now also resets default wallpaper
  • Fixed: crash using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements
  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!

GBWhatsApp Pro Screenshot

 GB WA By Different Developers

 Alex ModsVersion: v17.76[Ads Free, Anti-Ban]
 Fouad ModsVersion: v10.06[Ads Free, Anti-Ban]

 You can install any of these GBWhatsapp Mods, and they are 100% safe & Secure to install.

 Install GBWhatsApp Pro Apk on Android.

Installing GBWhatsapp is easier than downloading GBWA Pro apk! Just click the link below and follow your device’s default installation process! Plus, if you have any problems with the installation, just follow the process below!

  1. Download GBWhatsapp Pro Apk version from the above links.
  2. Open the File Manager app and Go to the Downloads folder.
  3. Tap on the APK file. If you get a popup message saying to Allow Unknown Sources, tap on Allow.
  4. Again tap on the APK file and Install the app.
  5. Wait for a few seconds until the GBWhatsapp Pro would get installed on your device.
  6. Finally, you’d glimpse an Open button to run the GBWhatsapp smartphone.

Now that you’re all set to enjoy all the great features GBWhatsApp pro apk has to offer, you can tweak them to your heart’s content! Just open the app, click on the menu in the top right corner, and select the GB Settings tab. Have fun!

Is GBWhatsApp Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

Unfortunately, the GBWhatsApp apk is not currently available for iOS devices. However, there are a number of other WhatsApp mods that do work on iOS, such as WhatsApp Plus and YoWhatsApp. These mods offer a similar range of extra features to GBWhatsApp, so if you’re looking for something similar on iOS, one of these may be worth checking out.

iPhone users will have to find another WhatsApp alternative if they want to use features like hiding last seen, blue ticks, or online status.

There is no need to worry about using GBWhatsapp. It’s the MOD version, so it’s totally safe and legal. Plus, it comes with lots of awesome features that you won’t find in the regular app. So go ahead and enjoy yourself!

Is GBWhatsApp APK Safe to Use on Android?

You don’t want to take your chances with an unknown or unreliable app. GBWhatsApp Pro APK is the safest and most reliable app for chatting. This article explains why it’s safe and how to install this app on Android.

If you’re looking to make your WhatsApp experience a little more exciting, the latest version has some great tweaks that will definitely get your heart racing! With all the new safety features, you can apply them without a worry in the world!

GBWhatsapp plus is the best WhatsApp MOD out there, and it’s completely free! It has all the best themes, icon styles, emoji styles, privacy settings, and additional tweaks, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Now that you’ve clicked the download button, you can enjoy any of the above-listed features from the comfort of your own app! Stop waiting and jump into this pool of traits today! Still in doubt? Read further : Is GB Whatsapp Pro Apk safe?

Enjoy GBWhatsApp on Android

To use the GBWhatsApp apk, you first need to create an account and create a profile. Once you’ve created your account and profile, you can begin using the app by following these simple steps:

1. Open the GBWhatsApp pro and sign in.

2. To start using the app, click on the “Your Profile” tab.

3. Under “Profile Details,” enter your name and email address.

4. In the “Message Preferences” section, select how you want to receive messages from GBWhatsApp: by text message (Text Message preferences), email (Email preferences), or both (Both preferences).

5. Click on the “Settings” tab to change some of the settings of your account: for example, add a contact even if you don’t have any real friends in GB WhatsApp yet (Add a contact option).

6. Click on the “Sign In” button to finish setting up your account and start using the app!


Gb Whatsapp pro apk infographics


What is GB WhatsApp pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro, the latest version of WhatsApp mod created by Alexmods developer, is a modded version of WhatsApp that delivers unlimited chat, audio and video calls, photos, and video messages.

How do I download and install GBWhatsApp pro?

we are already providing the download links and installing the guide for GbWhatsapp plus.

How do I use GBWhatsApp pro?

The features of GBWhatsApp Pro include: manage multiple accounts, hide last seen, Hide status, Hide blue tick

How do I Download GBwhatsapp Pro?

you can easily download gbwhatsapp pro on your android without any issue from our official website.

Why GBWhatsApp Apk not found on Google Play Store?

Due to the fact that GBWhatsApp is an UNOFFICIAL App, it does not support Google’s requirements for their Play Store. Go to GBWhatsApp Download Page to Download the Latest Version of GBWhatsApp.

Can I keep both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp APK installed together?

Yes. GBWhatsApp APK is an enhancement or mod for WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses a different technology than GBWhatsApp, there is no conflict.

How do I import conversations from WhatsApp to GBWhatsapp APK?

Download GBWhatsapp APK file and open it. Tap on Options > Chat backup > Restore chats from backup. Type the email address you used for WhatsApp backup and select the chat backup to restore.

Is GBWhatsApp developed by the WhatsApp company?

No. GBWhatsApp is not developed or owned by the WhatsApp company. This Android app is an unofficial, unofficial, independent application that complies with the original GPLv2 license of WhatsApp.

Is GBWhatsApp Apk available for iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices?

The GBWhatsApp Apk currently supports iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, and Samsung devices. However, other phones may also work on it.

Where can I find more themes on GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp might contain themes submitted by users. To contribute a theme, log in to your GBWhatsApp account and click “Themes”.

Will I be banned If I use GBWhatsApp?

No, you won’t be banned for using GBWhatsApp. We respect your right to free speech and don’t believe in banning people.

How to Update Gbwhatsapp Pro?

-First, uninstall the old version of GBWhatsApp Pro from your device.
-Then, download the latest version of GBWA from our website.
-After that, install the new version of GBWhatsApp Pro on your device.
-Finally, open the app and verify your number.

Who Developed GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp was developed by Omar Was, aka atnfas_hoak

What is the Latest Updated Version of GBWhatsapp Pro?

v1730 is currently the latest updated version of GBwhatsapp pro by alexmods.


GBWhatsApp is a great app for messaging on Android. It’s easy to use and can be enjoyed by everyone. Get the most out of the GBWhatsApp Pro by following the instructions in this guide and enjoying messaging with friends and family on your Android device.

So, these were some of the great information about GBWhatsApp which makes it different from the original WhatsApp. You can download GBWhatsApp apk latest version from our website ( and experience all these features yourself.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also enjoy using GBWhatsApp on their phones.