How to Remove the Forwarded Tag in GB Whatsapp (2 Ways)

Remove the Forwarded Tag in GB Whatsapp
Remove the Forwarded Tag in GB Whatsapp (2 Ways)

Remove the Forwarded Tag in GB Whatsapp

Whenever you wanted to share an important piece of document or a photo, or even some text message on WhatsApp, Did this often happened to you too that, you forwarded it in a hurry with the forwarded tag in Whatsapp? 

Rather You had downloaded it first or even copied it if it was a text message, then It would have looked genuine.

But since you forwarded it, it now has a “Forwarded tag” which indicates to the other person that this “Message has been forwarded”. This gives a bad impression if it was for business purposes. 

It seems like we did not put any effort into it and just forwarded it without any thought.

Then We would like to show you How you can Remove that annoying Forwarded Tag in GB Whatsapp and get rid of the problem permanently. You will never have to worry about that forwarded tag again.

This Guide is only about Solving that issue itself about How to Disable the forwarded tag in Whatsapp.

So come, Let’s Dive in the Step by Step Process of How to get rid of the Forwarded Tag in GB Whatsapp very easily.

How To Get Rid Of The Forwarded Tag After Forwarding Any Message In GB Whatsapp?

NOTE :- If you are not using GB Whatsapp, You must first need to download the Latest Version of GB Whatsapp apk from here. If you want to Transfer your Whatsapp chats, Read How do I transfer WhatsApp messages to GBWhatsApp?

Follow These Steps to remove the forwarded tag : 

  1. Launch GB Whatsapp
  1. Click on the Three-dots menu. From the Menu Click on GB settings.
  1. You will see several options. Click on the First Option, i.e., “Privacy and Security” 
  1. Then from the Chats Section at the bottom, Toggle on the “Disable Forwarded” option.
Disable Forwarded in GB Whatsapp
Disable Forwarded in GB Whatsapp

Voila! From NOW ON, You will never have to worry about the forwarded tag, And You can share the messages (Photos, Videos, documents etc.) directly by using the Whatsapp Forward option.

Benefits Of Removing Forwarded Tag In GB Whatsapp

The GB Whatsapp is one of the best modded WhatsApp application that provides a lot of features. If you remove the forwarded tag in GB Whatsapp, it will help you to make your messages look original. 

You can also change the font style and size of your messages in GB Whatsapp. In addition to this, you can also set a password to your chats and Hide Your Last Seen in GB Whatsapp.

You can also share live locations with your friends on GB Whatsapp via GPS tracking. This feature is not available on the official WhatsApp application. You will be able to use all these features by removing the forwarded tag from GB Whatsapp messages.

Another Simple Way To Quickly Avoid The Forwarded Tag in GBWhatsapp

You can avoid this issue by using some common sense.

If you want to forward a message to someone else on the WhatsApp app and you don’t want them to know, copy and paste the content instead of using the forward feature.

To send content to someone else in a message, copy the content you want to share and then paste it at the bottom of the conversation. That’s all there is to it. 

If it’s a Photo or Video, First save the file and then Send it to the other person via Gallery.

You can also share the file by using the “Send” feature and not the forward option.

For those who need a step-by-step guide on how to send any File via Whatsapp to another apps or platforms, here’s how it works:

  • Long Press the Message Content which you want to send to someone else. 
  • Click on three-dots from Top Right corner
  • You will see a Share Option
  • Now You will get Multiple platforms to share the file without any forwarded tag.
  • Either you can choose to send it again on Whatsapp to the Person You Earlier Wished to. Or you can choose any other alternative platform to share the file via.

Either way you choose, You won’t see any Forwarded Tag in Whatsapp after Sharing the File.

That’s it

If you still have any doubts, You can Comment Below and our 24*7 Active team will Respond to your query IMMEDIATELY.

How do I prevent GB Whatsapp from automatically adding the forwarded tag to messages?

If you do not want the forwarded tag while forwarding WhatsApp messages then you should use GB WhatsApp. It have an option to disable the forwarded tag in WhatsApp.

I accidentally forwarded a message in GB Whatsapp. How can I remove the tag?

If the message is already sent with the tag there is no way to remove the tag. However if you delete the message for everyone and resend the message with GB WhatsApp, then you won’t get the forwarded tag anytime.

I am still getting that forwarded tag even after using GB WhatsApp. What should I do?

Most probably you have not enabled the “Disable forwarded” option in GB WhatsApp yet.
If you have already enabled this option then make sure to Restart your GB WhatsApp from the three dots menu.

I am not seeing any share button while sending multiple messages? What should I do?

WhatsApp has this restriction by default. There is no way to send multiple messages using the share feature. You will have to send each message one by one by selecting only one message at a time.

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